Celebrate Super Bowl 50 & Help the Naturals!

Now that the teams are set for Super Bowl 50, it’s your turn to get in on the action! Play Naturals’ Super Bowl Squares for a chance at cash prizes ($200 if your square matches the Q1, Q2 or Q3 score and $400 if your square matches the final score)! How do you play?

  1. Go to footballsquaresonline.com, enter Game Number 120207/Authorization Code FFXN, and create an account
  2. Select your squares ($20 each) & click LOGOUT
  3. Pay for your squares (click below for details)

Click the following link for more information on the game and payment methods: Naturals Super Squares. Proceeds will be used toward 2016 tournament costs for all Naturals teams. Thanks for your support and good luck!