8/29 Practice tonight CANCELLED

I was over at the field and the conditions are muddy and I have not yet received confirmation from the County that we would have lights on the field.  Given these issues, I have decided to go ahead and cancel practice for tonight instead of having everyone come out and potentially not have any lights.
I will send out further information about about this weekend’s tournament details later.

Nicely played Naturals! Labor Day Tourney details

We had a good outing last night in our first scrimmage as a team against the Falls Church Biscuits.  Looking forward to taking that confidence into this week’s tournament.

This tournament schedule for this weekend can be found at this link 11U Labor Day VSC Tournament Schedule

They were very nice to us, giving us 1 and 3 PM game times, so we should be able to get down there in plenty of time to warm up, and get home in plenty of time to get the boys some rest before going again on Sunday.  Our Sunday game times are all up to us in how we perform on Saturday.

Go Naturals!

Fairfax Naturals Baseball

Fairfax-based Naturals Baseball Club is committed to the very best in youth baseball. Our teams consist of players who love the game of baseball, and who are passionate about learning the physical fundamentals as well as the finer theory and technicalities of the game.

The Naturals coaching and team formation philosophy is different from most. Our coaching staff believes that if you pick players with the right character who conduct themselves well, who are willing to commit and work hard, and who think of the team’s needs first before their own desires, then success will follow. More than being good ball players, the Naturals players understand the importance of commitment, proper behavior, respect, playing with heart, and the value of putting the team first.

We take pride in our players, not just because of their baseball and athletic skills, but more importantly because of the character that they individually possess and display on a regular basis. We have drawn players from Fairfax, Vienna and Chantilly, because we feel that team chemistry is more important than raw talent.

If you’d like more information about the Naturals or have a player who might be interested in the team, please contact General Manager Ryan Buchanan.